Controversial: something that causes more than one opinion/mixed opinion, or some sort of conflict.
Synonyms: argument, arguing, dispute, difference, disagreement, conflict.

Drastic: a strong/extreme effect; could be like having a strong impact on something making it intense.
Synonyms: extreme, severe, harsh, strong, intense.

Proclaimed: something that is stated/announced or broadcasted.
Synonyms: declare, announce, give out, publish, and claim.

Impoverished: there are many meanings to this, for example a poor attempt at something, or something that has been ruined, or someone poor enough to need help from others – an area /country that has very limited things that may need help from others (poverty).
Synonyms: poor, worn-out, reduced, empty, needy, destroyed, ruined, weaken, damaged.

Uninhabitable: A state that is not fit to live in, or be in – not suitable for habitation
Synonyms: unfit to live in, derelict, in ruins, decaying, rundown.

Romp: a few meanings to this word such as having an easy victory – something being quick and easy to get, it can also be having an enjoyable time, such as dancing around, leaping, skipping happily.
Synonyms: dance around, frolic, skip, play, frisk.

Desolation: again many meanings, such as an uninhabitable area, being devastated, something ruined, unhappy situation.
Synonyms: unhappiness, misery, despair, sadness,

Entranced: being fascinated by something, to make someone wonder leading into a deep thought.
Synonyms: deep in thought, captivate, fascinate, attract.

Disillusioned: this is like: having false ideas, being deceived something being wrong, taking away or having no real aspect of reality.
Synonyms: disenchant, let down, disappoint, wrong, fail.

Utopian: something that seems to have no right or wrong, somewhere which seems perfect (to someone), but in reality is all a unrealistic vision – living in an unrealistic world.
Synonyms: visionary, idealist, unrealistic, impractical, daring, fearless.

Imperatives: having the power and ability to rule (e.g. the government), a required change, a nature of being able to express the change/command.
Synonyms: necessary, urgent, crucial, important, essential, and vital.

Eclectic: something that has been made using different object, being able to select and choose from different sources, using different methods to apply to something.
Synonyms: diverse, assorted, free, various,
Bricolage: something that has been made by hand using various materials, making or constructing a piece of work.
Synonyms: constructing, handmade, putting together, assembling.

Monolithic: something characterized as being big and huge, for example a large sum – too big for words.
Synonyms: huge, massive, gigantic, solid, immovable, steady, rigid.
Idiom: a specific saying/phrase that is used by a certain group of people, a form of expression.
Synonyms: phrase, saying, expression, slogan, representation.

Plurality: a large number – a majority.
Synonyms: majority, more than one, mass, most, bulk, largeness.

Exemplifies: to illustrate an example, to be an example.
Synonyms: demonstrate, represent, show, display, exhibit, express, explain.

Dystopian: something that is characterized by reality and human misery, imaginary place were life is miserable.
Synonyms: unhappy, sad, dreadful, awful, frightening, shocking.

Retro: looking back or relating to the past, or something that has a link or that is associated with the past/earlier time.
Synonyms: old fashioned, dated, period, old, previous.

Subcultural: people within a certain group (movement) having distinctive work; separating it from all the rest. Something specific that makes the group stand out.
Synonyms: a group e.g. writer, artists, singers, sub-cultural differences, values/beliefs.

Superficially: something that is obvious – at first sight, not something deep that you will have to get to.
Synonyms: apparently, seemingly, supposedly, casually, externally, obvious, clear, noticeable.

Profound: going into a deeper meaning of something, trying to look past the obvious.
Synonyms: thoughtful, reflective, deep, difficult, intellectual, extreme, hard.

Preoccupation: concentrating on something specific, giving your total attention towards something.
Synonyms: worry, obsession, concern, attention, awareness, interest.

Commodity: a product that is bought or sold or something that is beneficial has value and is good.
Synonyms: product, asset, belonging, materials, item.

Provocations: something that gets someone to react in an annoyed or irritated manner.
Synonyms: irritation, frustration, annoyance, bothering.
Melancholy: when someone is sad or upset (due to the situation)
Synonyms: depressed, sad, miserable, down, unhappy, destroyed,

Permissive: accepting or tolerating something that others may disapprove on.
Synonyms: tolerant, forbearing, understanding, accepting.

Commodify: to turn into “commodity” – so to turn something, into something that can be sold and bought.
Hypercommodified: very highly commodified
Synonyms: materials, product, item, stuff.

Contradiction: to deny the truth and say the opposite.
Synonyms: disagreement, denial, opposition

Enmeshed: to be trapped or to be combined/caught together.
Synonyms: trapped, entangled, catch, involve, muddle.

Dismantle: to take something apart, to strip of or to tear down something.
Synonyms: take apart, disassemble,

Radical: something that goes against the rules of something, different from its original value.
Synonyms: essential, major, vital, important, fundamental, original.
Linier: A straight line; does not go up or down or from side to side, it just goes straight.
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